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problem School?

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:17 am    Post subject: problem School? Reply with quote

This post has been moderated UJ

I have seen two letters similar to this one on the internet about this school. Does anyone have any info about the place. Although I have been to China a couple of times, I always like to check the place I am going to, making sure it is not a problem area. I would be grateful for feed back...I am aware that sometimes 'not very mature' teachers, who do not know their jobs, gang up on the Chinese, probably because they are out of their depth and in a strange environment..and the Chinese handle these things with pragmatically deaf ears hence situations arise but sometimes there are genuine cases..
Hello and thank you for coming to see this post. I hope that you are one of the hopefully few who have thought about possibly working in (School Name Removed) Shandong I am here to destroy the reputation of said school, and as any good teacher knows, you should enjoy your job, and I sure enjoy anything that hurts this school.

I taught as a native English speaking teacher at this school for nine months. In month one, this school brought another teacher from Canada and unfortunately was unable to get her a Visa, so they just didn't pay her and she had to leave because of being afraid she'd be deported. She never got a dime and worked a full month and a half, not to mention the airfare costs she incurred.

I asked for my arrival airfare refund at least 10 times, but it wasn't paid to me, even though it is expressly written in my contract that my airfare should be paid within the first month.

Next, my apartment was broken into. The school not only doesn't pay for the door to be repaired, but suggests I should pay for them to fix it and that I can't hire someone from outside the school to do it. The door has remained broken for four months, allowing anyone to enter at anytime.

Next, I am deathly ill and unfortunately I am up almost all night being sick. I don't wake up for class and miss one. I call later that day, and I make up the class later that week. Yet I'm still fined 3000 yuan breach penalty, so I decide I've had enough with this school and I'm not going to be bullied and allow others to be bullied, so I quit.

I have moved out of the apartment with the broken door and into an apartment on campus, which I pay for and then begin trying to get my 5000 yuan airfare refund which was supposed to be paid to me upon my arrival... just the arrival airfare. They fined me 3000 yuan, that constitutes a break of contract and I am fully within my rights to quit, at this point uncontested. They agree but say that I must give them "some papers" to quit the contract. I bring MANY papers but apparently always the wrong ones. I go three months like this and then get a lawyer involved; have my friends translate documents for me, many meetings (which they often would conveniently miss, especially whenever my lawyer was present) and am constantly insulted and scorned. After three months they try to weasel out of paying me by saying that I should pay for 3 months rent in that apartment and that the rent is 280 yuan a day LOL. I bring them rent receipts from my new place and I even bring my landlord to testify that I've been living in a new apartment this whole time...They say that these documents, receipts and even testimony are "USELESS" (actual term used) because I'm a foreigner and don't have the right to rent any apartment in China... OMG. I hate them so much, I still haven't gotten my arrival airfare refund and fight to this day, 1 year after the fact.

Please heed my advice in this post or in any other newspaper or internet site where I have left similar messages. Do Not work at (School Name Removed) in Tai'an. It is a cesspool of corruption and they will do anything they can to hold money back and make your life difficult. You cant have female friends over even for dinner, they watch you like a hawk and are completely racist, liars, and scoundrels to the toes.

Please contact the poster for further details
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